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Client: Bolney Court Inc & Bremont 

Consultants: Spratley & Partners, Goring Berry, A&H Construction

Set in the heart of the Chiltern Valley this structure known as "The Wing" is an impressive building housing the Manufacturing and Technology centre for luxury British watchmaker Bremont.


The structural form of the inverted 'V' columns mimics the shape of the aeroplane wing, a strong link to the Bremont brand. They not only provide a stunning aesthetic but also a structural lateral bracing along the face of the office unit.  The 'V' columns provide a visual counterpoint to the full height vertical glazing with mulllions inbound of the external structure. The central mezzanine maximises the height of the curved wing and minimises on ground floor column impact as it is hung from the roof steels.

The manufacturing process for highly engineered chronometers requires dust free and acoustically controlled environments. To meet these requirements the building form has two separate, single span spaces to provide for manufacturing and office facilities. A link building nestles between showcasing the Bremont watches. 

The building was designed to have minimal environmental impact with the ecological benefits informing the structural and civil engineering decisions. The carpark area was designed with permeable block paving and the access road slopes to a drainage ditch that runs to a large swale in front of the wing. The wing itself is covered by a full span green roof, minimising any visual impact from above or the surrounding valley. 

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