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Client: Curve Workplaces

Transformation of the Maylands Building in Hemel Hempstead for a leading software firm provided an innovative space with a range of quiet and interactive rooms. Centrespace were asked by Curve Workplaces to look into the feasibility of adding a mezzanine into the existing structure to ensure the viability of the design moving forward. 

Steel columns were placed on the line of the primary concrete members which loaded onto the intermediate and external columns of the floor below. Columns spanned up to the top of the bottom chord of the truss which was cut and reattached to the columns. Cantilever structures supported the meeting room and glazing above which was supported by additional columns. The web elements that clashed with the meeting room were then removed and replaced with a frame to deal with lateral and vertical loads from the truss. The frame was loaded onto the new cantilever structure to create the focal floating meeting room structure. 

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