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Client: Restoration London 

Consultants: Kempton Smith Ltd, Hydrock, Front Architecture, Mckinley Spaces  

As the primary project engineer, Centrespace Design consulted on Hunts Wharf from the concept phase through to developed & technical design to completion. 

The site borders a network rail asset and the river Lea which created several design constraints at the concept stage. A Thames Water sewer trunk also ran through the development site. 

Due to the above constraints the most economical foundation solution was an RC piled raft which spanned over the no dig area of the trunk sewer. The superstructure of the building is formed from a traditional reinforced concrete frame. 

Precast columns were used to enable a swift erection of the steel frame. A raptor crane was located on the tight site adjacent to one of the main Network Rail lines. This site proposed some interesting challenges. 


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