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Community Centre, Fiji

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Centrespace were delighted to support Caukin Studio with the design of a wooden cultural hall in Naidi, Fiji. Caukin studio is a collective of young designers working on a variety of projects around the globe that tackle social, environmental and economic issues.

The previous hall in the village of Naidi was destroyed by a cyclone in 2016 removing the communities most prized venue for weddings, traditional celebrations, and Fijan dance performances.

The new structure now serves around 400 locals and was longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2019 in the small building category. The timber building was funded by The Jazmin fund a humanitarian charity that is helping Fijians rebuild after a devastating storm that hit the Fijian archipelago three years ago.

The community centre is designed to be cyclone resistant and to provide villagers with a safe place to shelter in case of severe weather or natural disasters.

Threaded rod, cyclone strapping and nail plates were used to reinforce all structural junctions, which aid in strengthening the building to protect against cyclone damage.

The hall is now used on a weekly basis for reading sessions, local arts and crafts, concerts, dance performances and even hosts a nursery.

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