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Introducing our latest Henley Bridge scheme

Nestled in the conservation area of Henley Bridge – our latest project with Laxton Projects is a newly constructed four-storey building.

Comprising three split-level residential apartments, two flats with garden and balconies and one flat with terraces and a private life – this project is a picturesque addition to the location.

Built atop a meticulously engineered piled raft foundation, along with piled decks for rear parking areas, the structure ensures stability and longevity, setting a solid foundation for future generations to enjoy.

Externally, the facade seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, with exposed brickwork harmonising with neighbouring structures on the ground and first floors.

Meanwhile, the upper two floors showcase a contemporary aesthetic with sleek metal-clad walls.

Constructed with a traditional brick and block cavity, complemented by a steel and loadbearing wall supported precast and timber floors - the end result is a captivating and aesthetically pleasing building.

It not only enhances its environment, but also provides three sustainable residences in central Henley on Thames.

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